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How it Works

Enterprise Learning Academy (ELA) provide online e-learning platform solutions for business and educational providers across a range of industry sectors. We take pride in helping our clients develop their online learning options, our mobile and tablet app ensures the end users receives a modern day learning experience.

ELA has built a reputation for being the UK's leading e-learning platform provider. Our aim and mission is to enhance the overall quality of online learning, through ease of use, accessibility and through on the go learning. Our platform has been built by educational experts who have over twenty year's industry experience, both in software development and online teaching and learning.

ELA have a dedicated support team who are on hand to provide excellent customer service, although you will have full editing control from day one - our team are here to help upload / create and edit content if required.

Features Include

  • Advanced cloud based online eLearning platform, which can be accessed anywhere in the world.
  • Upload / add / edit your own content instantly, whilst receiving ongoing support from our dedicated support team.
  • Track your learner's progress throughout, whilst accessing different levels of data and reports.
  • Assess your learner's work online through our ePortfolio system, whilst giving them instant feedback.
  • Instant communication via our advanced messenger system, making it easier to communicate with your clients.
  • Web based platform which is also available on Apple and Android app stores
  • Promote and sell your online courses, ELA can help you sell and promote your courses using various online marketing channels.

If you would like the opportunity to create online courses using our state of the art online educational platform, please contact a member of our customer support team today on 01772 910949.

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